The Performance Golf Coaching developped by Charles Rey is far away from the generic teaching you  could have received from instructors who base their tuitions on guesswork, wrong approximations, false perception or teaching trends.

The Performance Golf Coaching is based on scientific and mechanic facts, it allows you to develop Speed, Power, Coordination, and Control to progressively enhance swing efficiency. This efficency then leads to greater driving distance with accuracy and iron shots precision for higher green regulation percentage resulting more birdie positions. 

Performance is the result of the combination of many factors and all of them have to be developed, this is what Charles Rey proposes in his coaching.

The Performance Golf Coaching is based on the Performance Pyramid Concept:

What The Performance Golf Coaching can do for you?

  • Facilitate the exploration of your skills, your technical level, your motivations and help you to develop them with exercises and techniques tailored to your needs to:
  • MAXIMIZE YOUR DISTANCE with every club by generating power from your strongest muscles.
  • Discover how to start the backswing the correct way ... a perfect takeaway will help you develop consistency.
  • Correctly hinge your wrists at the right time during your swing.
  • Find the grip that works for you - and adapted to your body shape - so it's easier to square the face at impact.
  • Use the right body pivot so you stop swaying ... and maximize power from the torso.
  • Get weight loaded correctly ... on the correct foot. This will keep you from those dreaded power leaks.
  • Learn how to get acceleration into the impact zone ... so you hit powerful shots with every club.
  • Never over-turn and over-swing again and benefit from a compact and repeatable swing.
  • Gain balance and control by understanding key concepts like "Dynamic Stability" and "Ground Reaction Force."
  • Make a powerful transition by getting your weight in the correct position at the top of the backswing while keeping your swing on-plane.
  • Get rid of a slice and/or hook and remove those awful shots from your game.
  • Finally discover how to gain a correct posture adapted to you ... and why that's so important.

Performance Golf Training Program:

On the Driving Range and on the Course, Charles Rey proposes training sessions made specially for:

  • Beginner to 24Hcp (Level 1)
  • Advanced Player: 24 Hcp to 10 Hcp (Level 2)
  • Single Digit Hcp Player to Professional Tour Player (Level 3)

with exercices adapted to your level you will work on:

  • Putting Training with the "Arc to Arc" Motion Putting Guide to improve to square the club face at impact, to develop a pendulum with rythm, to have the perfect path of the club head adapted to your putter specifications and your type of putting, to control the right speed. Training with my Perfect Line Method that gives immediatly an easy and efficient way to always find the perfect line. Training on Pre-shot Routine following the principles of Dave Stockton to increase confidence and optimize efficency.
  • Chipping and Wedging Training with a specific technical work and strategic choices with different clubs in different positions around the green following the principles used and teached by Phil Mickelson.
  • Long Game: Specific work on physical and technical factors that influence the biomechanics golf swing: strength, flexibility, balance, stability, posture, grip, rotational power, alignment visualization. The goal is the development of your ability to generate and transfer speed to the ball with impact precision and trajectory control.
  • Swing Video Analysis and Swing Data Analysis to optimize Body, Club & Ball Flight Performance: Dynamic Stability, Body Angles, Movement Sequences, Swing Plane, Club Speed, Ball Speed, Smash Factor, Face Angle to Path, Horizontal Launch Angle, Attack Angle,  Dynamic Loft, Vertical Launch Angle, Spin Rate, Spin Axis... etc
  • Statistics Analysis and Scoring Management: Course Strategy, Pre-shot Routine, Visualisation.

On request:

  • Clubs Parameters Optimization:
    1 - Club Heads: Lie, Loft, Face Angle.  
    2 - Shafts: Swing Weight, Lenght.               
    3 - Grips: Size and Weight.
  • Specific Muscular Reinforcement with Professional Physical Trainer.
  •  Diet Consulting following the Bio Cellular Active Nutrition Program of the Dr. Claude Lagarde.

Some important references:

  • Dr. Gary Wiren for his major contribution in the NGF of America to the Evolution of  Teaching Methods with tremendous Educational Programs.
  • Ralph Mann and Jack Kuykendall for their Scientific Swing Biomechanics researches.
  • Dave Stockton and Dr. Robert Christina for their Training Putting Methods.
  • Phil Mickelson for is amazing knowledge about Chipping and Wedging.
  • Ralph Maltby and Tom Wishon for their great knowledge about Club Fitting.
  • Joseph E. Ledoux and Daniel Goleman for their work on the Emotional Intelligence.
  • James Ragonnet and Timothy Gallwey for their work on the Mental aspect of Golf.
  • Osho for his Spiritual Vision of the Awareness.
  • Dr. Claude Lagarde for his Cellular Active Nutrition Program for Sport.