Scientific Analysis of Patrick Reed’s Mechanics:

Patrick Reed: From address to release, Reed is optimal.

Photo 1: Back of left hand and clubface point in the same direction.

Photo 2 & 3: All backstrokes are fine as long as you reach the top in your optimum position.

Photo 4: Weight into right hip -  Head steady - Left Shoulder 90 degree turn - Right Shoulder 45 degrees turned - Feet flat on the ground.

                                EXCELLENT POSITION AT THE TOP.

Photo 5: Set into his knees - Hands move back and down - Back remains away from the target.

Photo 6: Legs straighten - Head over right knee - Feet flat on the ground - Back of left hand and clubface in same direction - Body faces the ball.

                                 OPTIMUM IMPACT POSITION

Photo 7: Feet still flat on the ground - Head still over right knee - Forearms fully rotated by 90 degrees after impact - Right and left arm extended.

Photo 8: After arms extension, body and feet can move to any comfortable position.