The Emotional Coaching is an occidental synthesis of philosophies and therapies of oriental origin. As effective as they can be, we cannot, however, transpose them just as they are. In view of imparting the teachings successfully, and in order to put in place a personal assistance program, the synthesis and adaptation of these philosophies and therapies was therefore necessary. Following years of study and experience, I hope to be able to share the results with you. I have selected several chapters that are used as working base in the Performance Golf Caching. Charles Rey

The Emotional Coaching emerges from attaining equilibrium between ancestral therapies, based on the immutable feelings of man, and the daily constraints under which modern men have to exist. It takes into account the whole of the human being, and, thanks to a systematic approach to spiritual, emotional and corporal domains, enables personal development and harmonious evolution.

The Emotional Coaching is there to accompany you towards a broader awareness of the nature of your discomfort and towards a better understanding of who you are and how you function. “What is wrong with me? What do I want? What prevents me from being whole?” You will become aware (or conscious) of your feelings and emotions. We will listen to, and embrace your discomfort. We will connect with your needs and aspirations. “How can I reach my goals? What is the origin of my dissatisfaction or my discomfort? Am I reconciled with myself?”

The goal of The Emotional Coaching developed by Charles Rey is to support and seek to understand the problems, objectives or intentions that you have yourself expressed.

It could be a question of:

  • Overcoming stress, anguish and anxiety;
  • Learning to manage fear;
  • Rebuilding or creating self-confidence;
  • Re-evaluating self-image and self-esteem;
  • Determining one’s personal objectives;
  • Identifying the means by which one could attain these objectives;
  • Realizing one’s potential.

The Emotional Coaching allows you to develop self-esteem and self-confidence, to assert yourself, to redefine your aspirations, and to re-evaluate the power at your disposal to put it into action.

However, simply wanting to become someone different is not sufficient to become that person. There are barriers erected in front of us: fear of being judged, fear of the unknown, fear of changing…etc. which stem from emotional complexities linked to negative experiences, to conditioning, distorting our vision of things and reducing our inner strength to a skin of sadness.

The Emotional Coaching encourages you to push back these limitations and helps you in your evolution.