The past dissolves, leaving its mark in our different bodies in the form of souvenirs, emotions and experiences. The future only exists as a projection of our present thought. Everything that happens in our lives, takes place in this eternal present. Everything that you do, you do it now. Everything that you think, you think it now. Life is here and now.

Often we dream of other skies or of a better world – in the past or in the future – but the wonderful is what is happening at this instant, within each of us and around us. Life is created now, and is deployed in silence. Perhaps, we would like the world to be different, for things to change, for man to wake up and to be happier if this or that happened… and we live waiting for better tomorrows while wasting our time.

Letting go is like watching a sunset - simply feeling that the experience of this sunset is awakening us. We only stand there as an observer, careful to forbid any inner comment or analysis. We let the image of what is happening invade us totally. Welcome the emotion or the sensation without the intervention of the mind. Let life happen and welcome it in silence – feeling without feeding your thoughts, letting your thoughts take flight without chasing them away. Letting go is to put your luggage down at the hotel to enjoy a wonderful holiday. Letting go is always putting your luggage down and appreciating every instant.

Do we have things to take care of? It will be then time to reflect on the best course of action and to act accordingly. Life will give us the opportunity to take action in due time. Without letting go, we would only maintain a mental activity while retreating from the present… engendering anxiety and impatience within us.

Letting go is to allow the instant to be, not to resist reality anymore. Go with life… It is not a question of forbidding action. However, the action will no longer be a reaction to something or to someone while avoiding all negativity. Letting go allows your peace to emerge, to shine through, and your environment to reason with this peace. Stay attentive to what you feel. The fact that you observe will allow you detachment… A distance is automatically created between the observer and the subject under observation (suffering). Thus, we no longer identify with a suffering that we perceive as emanating from our own fabrication.

Authorize yourself to let go. Do not infuse any more energy into your mind. Be the witness of your presence. Darkness cannot resist the light of the presence.  What we should also accept when we suffer is the reality of the instant. Why do we suffer so often? Because the reality of what we experience changes, and accepting this reality is difficult. We hang on to what we know, or conversely, our reality does not change when we want it to be different.

Accepting reality is to understand life, its transformations and the feasibility of its dreams within the world.  Letting go is to receive the reality of the instant in order to be, and to act without the weight of the past and the future.  At that moment, life flows freely and allows us to express our true nature. Accepting is the first step towards letting go. Accept not being at peace and you will be at peace.