If “self-esteem” is at the origin of any psychological difficulty, it is also the “fuel” of any personal evolution. It represents the appreciation the individual has of himself and of his feelings, in other words of his self-awareness. To have self-esteem, one has to have good self-knowledge.

The vision of oneself is by definition subjective; the split, often important, between what the individual believes him-self to be and what he really is. To evaluate correctly, we must know well; and to know well, we must have encountered. Self-esteem is, therefore, built on self-encounters.

Thus, the knowledge of oneself is put in place through the encounter with one’s body: its first support.  Appreciation of one’s design, developing one’s sensorial dimension, becoming aware of what we are, here and now, are tools of construction and re-structuring. These ideas may surprise; nevertheless, they correspond to the manner in which each of us functioned before conceptualization through language and the hegemony of an excess of rationalization.

 The Emotional Coaching helps:

  • Being in contact with oneself, here and now;
  • Equilibrium: identifying the tensions;
  • Self-representation: open the fields of the possible; discover one-self from new angles…